First Flattr revenues from Germany (and what about the ROW?)

I’m far from euphoria, but I feel that here something is growing that could well be sustainable. […] I can only be satisfied. Reactions [from listeners] have shown me how important it is to have personal communication with your own community. […] That’s why I’ve called my little adventure “personal media”. That’s what it is about: An extremely personal form of media production which allows for a highly personal way of consuming media. Flattr seems to be an interesting complement to this concept: Personal payment […]. The Flattr click is more of an acknowledgement and fulfillment of an urge to thank than a payment transaction. #

Johnny Haeusler: Flattr after the first 14 days
110,94 € for multi-author blog Spreeblick (#30 on Rivva) #

Even though the sum positively surprises me because I expected much less it is still too early for reasonably valid judgments […]. Flattr is generally a good idea which still needs time. And for trying it out and making it alone we owe the Flattr Swedes due respect and by the way also a fair share of the revenues. #

Spreeblick has also embedded a poll asking their readers about their use of Flattr. Surprisingly, the share of those who use the service as both writers and readers (17%) is lower than the one of read-only users (18%). 37% state that they plan to join Flattr in the future, whereas only 28% have no interest in the service. #

Given that is only present [on Flattr] for a mere 12 days, and given that Flattr is still in beta mode, the result meets our expectations. […] In general rewards on Flattr were for things that our readers like to read at the moment otherwise, too. […] At the same time it’s also eye-catching that the number of Flattr clicks is continously growing day by day. #

Carta editorial office: Flattr: The first payoff
122,56 € for multi-author blog Carta (#7 on Rivva) #

We are happy about so much support, which exceeds our expectations by far. […] The system may still be in closed beta mode, it still has a few flaws and it still lacks a few desirable features, but all in all it feels ok. It keeps fascinating to watch the development, growing prevalence and acceptance – especially among “non-bloggers”. #

Udo Vetter: Flattr – the first payoff
33,06 € for blog law blog (#135 on Rivva) #

A rough calculation shows that each Flattr has earned me around 15 cents. […] I had expected one, maybe two cents per click. It’s too early to make a final judgement about Flattr. After all, the service has not even finished its closed beta phase yet. But after the first numbers I still think Flattr is a good idea which deserves a chance. #

Michael Seemann: Flattr – it works!
0,26 € for blog HIER #

Flattr establishes a gift economy. […] Flattring is, like blogging, making a gift. […] From the beginning on I have set my Flattr to 20 euros a month. My own estimation of what blogs are worth for me would be more like 50 euros, but that’s currently not possible. Bummer! #

Flattr is still in closed beta mode, thus you need an invite code to join. I still have some left, so if you want one send me an email to [myfirstname] at [thisdomain]. I will be especially happy to give away some invite codes to my international readers! #