• Mobile banking and economic development: linking adoption, impact, and use « Asian Journal of Communication – Jonathan Donner and Camilo Andres Tellez categorize prior research into mobile banking services in developing countries and provide an exploratory study from India. They find that mobile banking is used to store value, to convert cash in and out of stored value, and to transfer stored value between accounts. Their study examines the bi-directionality of influence, trends of amplification versus change, and the multi-dimensionality of trust among Indian small businesses. They find that face-to-face communication is prevalent in the extension of credit. The draw up three categories of businesses; relational businesses which will not extend credit to customers, locational businesses which will do so to customers from the neighbourhood, and formal businesses, which are more open to granting credit to outsiders. They conclude that concerns remain over mobile-mediated credit, and that the ability of a technology to mediate relationship might not mean that it will do so.

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