Current and Past Projects

Current Projects

Interdependence in Daily Life
Collaborators: Daniel Balliet, Francesca Righetti, Catherine Molho

This project aims to map out the day-to-day experience of interdependence across situations by studying romantic couples. It serves to identify patterns of interdependence as experience in daily life and to elucidate cues associated with these patterns. Another aspect is to test various hypotheses about interdependence in close relationships.

Personality Similarity and Situation Perception in Close Relationships
Collaborators: Katrin Rentzsch

I am quite interested in antecedents of situation perceptions. Here, I am looking at similarity in personality and its association with similarity in situation perception as a way to tease out the contribution of personality to situation perception in daily life.

Situation Perception as a Mechanism Underlying Framing Effects
Collaborators: Fabiola H. Gerpott, Jiri Münich

It’s been observed that framing economic games has at times large effects on behaviour. Here, we are investigating perceptions of interdependence as a potential mechanism underlying such framing effects.


Past Projects

In-Group Defense, Out-Group Aggression, and Coordination Failures in Intergroup Conflict
Collaborators: Carsten de Dreu, Jörg Gross, Jonathan Krikeb, and others | 2014-2016

In this project, we investigated asymmetries in cooperation between out-group aggression aimed at expansion and appropriation and in-group defense aimed at survival and preservation of the status quo. Through experiments and historical analyses, we showed that cooperation during defense is high and does not require encouragement, but fails during attacks. Out-group aggression, in contrast, fails without encouragement, but gains efficiency from coordinating leadership.

Leadership in Altruistic Punishment and Reward
Collaborators: Mark van Vugt, Thomas Pollet | 2013-2014

We studied the effects of voluntary leadership by example on punishment and reward in a social dilemma; as well as personality traits predicting voluntary leadership. Another project focused on reputational consequences of punishment and reward.

Citizen Journalism in Sub-Saharan Africa
Collaborators: Bruce Mutsvairo, Iris Leijendekker | 2011-2012

We studied the state of citizen journalism in sub-Saharan Africa, focusing on the interrelationship with traditional media channels and ethical aspects of a proposed networked public sphere in the African context.