Teaching Experience

I have most recently been a core tutor at PPLE College, University of Amsterdam, where I taught and developed small-scale, intensive tutorials in methodology and statistics and social psychology/behavioural economics. At PPLE, I was named one of the programme’s top tutors for my work. I am particularly passionate about problem- and experience-based learning, and especially their application to education in statistics and research methods.


“Knows his field well, enthusiastic, very willing to provide help and spend some extra time on us.” (Anonymous course evaluation, PPLE Solidarity)


PPLE: Group Processes (BSc., 2015)

Tutorial Instructor

PPLE: Solidarity (BSc., 2015,16) · Doing Research (BSc., 2014,15) · Statistics for Experimental Research (BSc., 2014,16) · Group Processes (BSc., 2015)

Remedial Teacher

AUC: Basic Research Methods & Statistics I (BA, 2013–present)

Teaching Assistant

UvA: Scientific Writing & Presenting (MSc., 2013) · EUR: Corporate Communication (BA, 2013) · HHS: Media Theory (BA, 2012) · International Journalism (BA, 2012)



“The university needs more courses like this that actually understand how learning and motivation work.” (Anonymous course evaluation, PPLE Group Processes)

Big Data (AUC, 2015/16)
Big Data is one of AUC’s interdisciplinary big questions courses taught in the first year of studies, and explores philosophical, technical, and societal aspects of big data. I supervised a student think thank that developed the general idea and syllabus for the course.

Solidarity (PPLE, 2014/15-2015/16)
Solidarity is a first-year course on increasing pro-social behaviour through insights from behavioural economics and social psychology. I developed a tutorial concept centered around an intervention design project based on the intervention mapping approach, in which students use theoretical and empirical insights to develop an intervention.

Statistics for Experimental Research (PPLE, 2014/15-2015/16)
Statistics for Experimental Research is a first-year introduction to statistics using SPSS. I developed a tutorial concept, syllabus, and materials focused on hands-on practice with real data. Through homework assignments using actual research data from all four PPLE disciplines – politics, psychology, law, and economics – and a group research project, students learn to implement first statistical techniques, but also to deal with uncertainties arising from ‘imperfect’ data.

Group Processes (PPLE, 2015/16)
Group Processes is a second-year social psychology course on human behaviour within and between groups. I co-developed the syllabus, which emphasises the tension between identity- and interdependence-based perspectives, as well as the tutorial schedule, which was centered around planning, executing, analysing, and writing up a field study on in-group favouritism.